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    Smartcafe 3.2  -- Authentication error when try to load muscle applet with Gshell

      Hi all,

      I am in troubles with my Smartcafe 3.2. I try to load muscle applet with Gshell but I am not able due to an authentication error.

      I follow all post and tried with master key 404142... but I get this error. Could anybody help me with the key?

      This is the output I get when I execute the custmized list script. Thank you.


      card_connect -readerNumber 1
      select -AID a000000003000000
      Command --> 00A4040008A000000003000000
      Wrapped command --> 00A4040008A000000003000000
      Response <-- 6F108408A000000003000000A5049F6501FF9000
      open_sc -security 1 -keyind 0 -keyver 0 -key 404142434445464748494a4b4c4d4e4f -keyDerivation emvcps11
      Command --> 80CA006600
      Wrapped command --> 80CA006600
      Response <-- 664C734A06072A864886FC6B01600C060A2A864886FC6B02020101630906072A864886FC6B03640B06092A864886FC6B040215650B06092B8510864864020103660C060
      Command --> 80500000084D7FAC5FF70381B700
      Wrapped command --> 80500000084D7FAC5FF70381B700
      Response <-- 6982
      mutual_authentication() returns 0x80206982 (6982: Command not allowed - Security status not satisfied.)