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    FDM web user maintenance


      version - FDM

      I'm facing issue with the user list when i select the user maintenance option from FDM web. In general, we should see only the users who are required to be provision for FDM after provisioning is done in Shared Services. Issue is that i'm seeing all the users who are already provisioned as well in that list and want to see only new users that are required to be provisioned

      Not sure whether i have missed any setting and Any help would be appreciated on this issue

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          Just to be clear on your issue here - are you saying that you have
          1) Provisioned users in Shared Services against the FDM application?
          2) You have added these users to the FDM application via User Maintenance?
          3) Despite having been added in User Maintenance those users still appear in the New User drop down when choosing to add a new user in the User Maintenance screen?
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            This is a known bug for the release of FDM. This will be fixed in a later release of FDM.