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    How could I deploy multi-Repgroups on multi-hosts?

      Hi ,
      I have three physic machine, and I want to deploy six or more SNs, and I want to create two repgroup for six SNs, how could I do?
      I have already deploy six SNs on three physic machine through different port according to the url(http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/database/nosqldb/learnmore/nosqldb-faq-518364.html#HowtocreatemultipleStorageNodesonthesamemachine), but I can't add more SN(which are on different ports).
      My topology is belowed:
      kv-> show topology
      dc=[dc1] name=Boston
      sn=[sn1] dc=dc1 namenode:5000 status=RUNNING
      rn=[rg1-rn1] sn=sn1 status=RUNNING
      sn=[sn2] dc=dc1 datanode1:5000 status=RUNNING
      rn=[rg1-rn2] sn=sn2 status=RUNNING
      sn=[sn3] dc=dc1 datanode2:5000 status=RUNNING
      rn=[rg1-rn3] sn=sn3 status=RUNNING

      but when I want to add new SN on port(5030), the exception happened:

      plan -execute -name "Deploy n07" deploy-sn 1 datanode1 5030
      Exception while executing command plan: Oracle NoSQL DB 11gR2.1.2.123 oracle.kv.impl.fault.OperationFaultException: Plan 22[Deploy n07] finished in state ERROR. Problem during plan execution: snaService

      and the service on datanode1 is belowed:
      [sunyao@datanode1:~/oracle_nosql/tools]$ jps -m
      18529 ManagedService -root KVROOT/mystore/sn2 -store mystore -class Admin -service admin2
      24166 Jps -m
      18446 kvstore-1.2.123.jar start -root KVROOT
      19053 ManagedService -root KVROOT_2 -class Admin -service BootstrapAdmin.5030 -config config.xml
      18970 kvstore-1.2.123.jar start -root KVROOT_2
      19290 ManagedService -root KVROOT_2/mystore/sn1 -store mystore -class RepNode -service rg1-rn1
      18524 ManagedService -root KVROOT/mystore/sn2 -store mystore -class RepNode -service rg1-rn2

      I don't know how to do it ?

      BTW, can I modify the "Replication Factor" after I have deploy the store?