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    How to get Account ID with Bank Account number

      Hi Every one

      I am new to JD Edwards can anyone please help me how to get Account ID(AID) from business function with bank account number. I need description of bank account number for that i need account ID (AID) to check in the table F0901. so please any one please assits me to find the description.
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          I am a little confused as to what you a saying. But if you want the Bank Account Number as in your banks account number for your company, if it has been input by the users and you are on A9.1, it is in the F0030 file. AYTNST is the Transit Number and AYCBNK is the bank account number. Payroll may not be there until A9.2 they were using a UDC (06 BK and 07 BK). If you are looking for the AID in F0030 it is AYAID and that will link to the F0901 to GMAID. You can get the account number by joining GMMCU to GMOBJ to GMSUB. Here is the SQL:
          SELECT AYCBNK, Trim(GMMCU)||'.'||Trim(GMOBJ)||'.'|| GMSUB as
          Account#, GMDL01 FROM F0030 left outer join F0901 on AYAID=GMAID