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    APDUTool no such algorithm

      Hi everyone,

      I try for a while to play with the apdutool and I can't get the following code working. Using debugging, I saw the CryptoException is thrown with NO_SUCH_ALGORITHM, so it seems the apdutool doesn't support this algorithm (notice that using 512-bit keys this works)
      try {
           currentCertPublicKey = (RSAPublicKey) KeyBuilder.buildKey(
                KeyBuilder.TYPE_RSA_PUBLIC, KeyBuilder.LENGTH_RSA_1024,
                false); /* 512 -> OK */
      } catch (CryptoException e) {
           switch (e.getReason()) {
           case CryptoException.NO_SUCH_ALGORITHM:
      Is there a way to make this work, using additional libraries or something? (nowadays, 512-bit RSA keys is pretty useless...)

      Thanks in advance