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    Quest for OCA DBA Cert

      I'm seeking help from anyone willing to provide it. A little background here, I'm 24 with a BS majoring in Political Science and a Minor in Computer Information Systems (CIS). My CIS classes included a semester about SDLC and a class focusing on Oracle Databasing, working with 10g for the semester. I also have some background in Visual Basic programming, completing two semesters of that.

      I'm currently working in the Information Assurance field with 2 years experience and a Security+ cert from CompTIA. However, I've become exhausted (read: bored) in my field and would like to make a career change to something more hands on. I figure that I enjoyed my work getting my minor in CIS, especially my class on databasing, and that I could shoot for an OCA DBA certification and make a career change, and from there seek the OCP.

      I guess my question is this: from everyone's experiences, what are your thoughts on my prospects of landing a job with an OCA DB and no real experience? I would have no problem being a junior DBA since I still have plenty of time to advance through my career. I am also under the assumption that it would be best to look for a job with a small company that may need one person to cover multiple tasks.

      Am I delusional in thinking that I could make this jump, or is there a chance for me to get my Cert and move on to a new career path?

      Thanks to anyone in advance for advice.
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          Rene Argento
          Welcome to the forum!

          A certification will certainly help you to get a job as a DBA, and I believe it is the best option for people who have no previous working experience.
          It is a way to show the company you want to work for that you have a theoretical knowledge of how Oracle works and is interested in learning and studying it.

          However, I believe the best companies to get a job as a junior DBA are big companies, that need many DBAs to perform different tasks.

          Also, getting a job may be easier/harder depending on where you live.

          If you like a different area it is never too late to start learning and working with it.
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            Thanks for the input Rene. I guess I might've been a little confused about aiming f or big vs small companies; I figured that a small company would need more immediate help than a large company who might "scoff" at someone with little experience. But your logic makes sense too; I'm sure they would need some junior people to come on board and do some menial tasks that they can't pull seniors away to do. From there, experience would be built and knowledge would be gained.

            As for the area, I'm in the DC Metro area, so there should be plenty of work available, especially in the IT field. Got that part covered already ;)
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              In general in the US, there aren't a whole lot of positions for junior DBAs. Most tasks that you could potentially hand off to a junior DBA are things that Oracle has automated or things that can be done with shell scripts or database jobs.

              There are three relatively common paths to becoming a DBA. The first option is to start as a developer that specializes in the database side of things and to transition into a more DBA-type role often going through a development DBA role. The second option is to start of a "jack of all trades" at a smaller company that handles database administration, system administration, web servers, etc. The third ption is to start as a systems admin and transition into more of a database administration role.

              If you're looking for an entry-level job, my bias would be to suggest that you look for a database developer role with a larger company or to look for a "jack of all trades" position with a smaller company.