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    Are there any OSM be-spoke cartrdiges available?


      I was reading through SFS documentation for a vendor-analysis - I can see Oracle provides bespoke ASAP Cartridges for various NE's,Tech Packages for UIM.
      I was wondering if there is any bespoke cartridges (except for the demo sales one) offered along with the product or licensed separately.
      My understanding is that the O2A cartridge is a prebuilt set of integrated orchestration flows, application integration logic, and extensible enterprise business objects and services required to manage the state and performance of a defined set of activities or tasks between specific Oracle applications. This however is service agnostics.

      So are there any bespoke OSM cartridges available leveraging domain knowledge and based on working with telcos?

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          OSM provides only O2A PIP cartridges and is not providing any bespoke cartridges. As most of the network elements used by different telcos are similar, and the way ASAP communicates to these network elements for various operations is same, it is easy to provide cartridges for various NE's. But in OSM, no two companies have same flow in providing a specific service to the customers. So it is difficult to provide such cartridges.

          O2A PIP cartridges can be customized as per end user requirements.