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    Reference Data Model Parameters in the Bursting SQL query?

      Good Afternoon:

      I have been trying unsuccessfully to pass the APP_USER item from my APEX application ( to the SQL query for bursting in BI Publisher (

      Anyone know how to reference passed Data Model Parameters in the Bursting SQL query?

      Currently I am passing the APP_USER value to a Data Model Parameter (:SEND_TO) and I also have the APP_USER value in the Report Data Set Results. I just cannot seem to find a way to reference it in the SQL Query for Bursting.

      The whole report bursts just fine when I have a static value in the SQL Query and also when I insert the APP_USER into a table. Inserting into a table doesn't work well when you have multiple users trying to burst at the same time.

      My report parameters are coming across fine but the job process error I receive is ORA-00911: invalid character (which I am assuming is because of the semicolon).

      My Bursting SQL:
          epp.SSN_SM KEY,
          'NGB4100_SENIOR' TEMPLATE,
          'en-US' LOCALE,
          'NGB4100_1B_' || PAY_GR OUTPUT_NAME,
          'PDF' OUTPUT_FORMAT,
          'EMAIL' DEL_CHANNEL,
          :SEND_TO||'@XXXXXX' PARAMETER1, 
          :SEND_TO||'@XXXXX' PARAMETER3,
          'NGB 4100-1B for '   || epp.PAY_GR PARAMETER4,
          'Please find attached your 4100-1B for ' || PARENT_UPC PARAMETER5,
          'true' PARAMETER6,
          :SEND_TO  ||'@XXXXX' PARAMETER7
          epp.parent_upc = pu.id;
      My Web Service Call from APEX.
      <soapenv:Envelope xmlns:soapenv="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/" xmlns:v2="http://xmlns.oracle.com/oxp/service/v2">
                                 <v2:emailBody>webservice test</v2:emailBody>
                  <v2:userJobName>NGB 4100 SENIOR</v2:userJobName>
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