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    Getting Group/Node position &orientation after a Transformation(s)

      I have a set of objects in a scene that are grouped in various ways with controls to rotate these groups around each axis. After a rotation I'd like to be able to re-group the objects in the scene in a different way and then do other transformations from this new state. When I un-group the original grouping I lose the transformation information that was applied to that group (as I expect).

      My question is: at the point where the first grouping has been transformed is there a way to apply the sum of the transformations to the individual objects being transformed within JavaFX? It seems that JavaFX knows this information as it has the object at that location and orientation in the scene - I just do not see any way to get it.

      Currently I am having to do this transformation outside of JavaFX and then apply it to each object in the group. I've looked through all of the java docs but cannot seem to find anything that does this.