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    define skin bundle in Skin resource ?

      Is it possible to define a skin translation bundle to a skin resource defined in the generic-site-resources.xml ?

      The only possible way that i found is the ADF way by declaring it in the trinidad-skins.xml, but then you cannot modify the skin at runtime.

      <resourceType name="skin" resourceBundle="">
            <resource contentDir="/oracle/webcenter/siteresources/scopedMD/shared" createdBy="system" createdDate="2012-02-13T18:51:07.481+01:00" description="Default Portal Skin" displayName="Default Portal Skin" guid="gsrb01fc392_b112_41dd_9727_6f7152fec940" metadataFile="/oracle/webcenter/portalapp/skins/portal-skin.css" modifiedBy="system" modifiedDate="2012-02-13T18:51:07.481+01:00" resourceBundle="oracle.webcenter.framework.translations.TranslationsMDSResourceBundle" seeded="false" usesCustomSecurity="false" version="" visible="FALSE">
                  <customAttribute name="skinId" seeded="true" value="portal.desktop" visible="ALWAYS"/>
                  <customAttribute name="skinFamily" seeded="true" value="portal" visible="ALWAYS"/>
                  <customAttribute name="skinExtends" seeded="true" value="fusionFx-v1.desktop" visible="ALWAYS"/>
      I tried overriding the resourceBundle attribute in the example above but that didn't change it. Don't know what it is used for also.

      Thx in advance

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