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    DRM installation error with webclient

      Hi ,

      I did the DRM 11.1.2 installation, installation went fine.

      When I open webclient, it opening a page with initial version and hierachy, it is throughing any error "properties" , it llooks like properites page has been blocked. How to resove this?

      I re installed couple of times.

      it is not showing any webclient in Oralce epm->DRM->HERE IT IS SHWOING WEBPUBLISNG CONSOLE, I believe it should show the web client also.

      webclient and webpublishing client both are same. ?

      I downloaded the software from oracle e-delivery. Please help me on this.

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          Ramesh KJ
          After DRM installation did you configure the DRM (DB setup etc) using console? If so, did the configuration went successfully or any error while testing the configuration.

          If the configuration is done successfully then the DRM webclient should open up without any error.

          Thanks & Regards
          -Ramesh Janarthanan