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    ODBC connection issue in EXCEL (Windows 7 64bit)

      Hi , I encounter a strange issue with Oracle ODBC driver

      When I retreive data with ODBC driver in EXCEL , if I first open excel and then in the MENU , choose Open , and then select
      the excel file from Windows Explorer , then can successfully retrieve data .

      But if I double the Excel file directly , and then retreive data , I got the below error :
      ORA-12154: TNS: could not resolve then connect identifier specified

      and also test connection in System DNS's ODBC configuration , no problem.

      Any idea ? thanks in advance.

      My OS version : Windows 7 Professional SP1 64bit
      Oracle Instant Client version : (32bit)
      Excel version : EXCEL 2007 Professional (32bit)
      OraCLE DATABASE VERSION : (64bit)

      environment variable "PATH" include :

      and variable "TNS_ADMIN" set as C:\instantclient as well.

      tnsnames.ora in the path c:\instantclient