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    Any solution to "ORA-04068 existing state of packages has been discarded"?

    ILya Cyclone
      Hi OTN,
      In our production evnironment lots of business logic relay on PL/SQL procedures.
      Each proc recompilation leads to numerous "ORA-04068 existing state of packages" showed to users of our ADF applicaiotns and in fact we need to restart the production server.

      You know, this exception occurs only on the first query after recompilation, the second would be ok.
      So if I could just reexecute ViewObject's query in case of ORA-04068, that could be a kind of solution.
      Could someone advise me the way to do it, like overriding some ViewObject methods or smth.

      Or there could be another global solution?


      ADF, Oracle Server EE 11g