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    Weblogic work manager - Control min./max. threads & fair share

      I have an application which is running on Weblogic 10.3.2. I need to be able to control the number of threads the server assigns to this application. The application has 3 MDBs and for each of these MDBs, we need to assign a weight so that that the available threads are distributed among the 3 MDBs according to the weight.

      After going through the Weblogic documentation, it looks like I could create 3 work managers with the min. threads, max. threads and fair share. These work managers could be assigned to each of the MDBs. But, this does not control the total number of threads the server assigns to the application.


      Is there a way we can create a work manager with the min. threads and max. threads and assign it to the whole application? This could be used to control the min./max. threads assigned to the application. Then we could define 3 work managers with the fair share and assign them to the individual MDBs.