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    Min Max planning report - ability to run for specific vendor


      We have a unique requirement wherein business users would like to run min-max planning report for a specific vendor. Vendor here is item sourcing vendor. We are on R12 12.0.4. This version of applications doesnot support sourcing vendor as the min-max report parameter.

      Other than setting up item category for ASL vendor, i can't think of any other easy way to accomplish above requirement. Please suggest workaround for above requirement.

      Thank you
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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          If you have to do this, here is a complex workaround.

          Create a request set that contains a custom program as first stage and the regular min-max as the second stage.
          The custom program accepts vendor name as a parameter and disables min-max planning flag for all items EXCEPT those that are sourced from that vendor.
          Then the 2nd stage runs and creates requisition.
          You may add a 3rd stage that resets the min-max planning flag.

          Make this program incompatible with itself so 2 users won't run it at the same time.

          Hope this helps,
          Sandeep Gandhi