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    Database privileges for work with EBCs

      Hi everyone,

      Our group is now responsible for a Siebel 8.1.1 app that makes use of EBCs to interface with an external system. Both local and remote databases are Oracle 11g.
      Some stuff is not working and we are trying to find where the problem is. One thing that is not clear to us is whether there is a need to have database-level privileges setup between the siebel database (SIEBEL schema) and the schema where the external tables are in the remote database.

      I mean: the siebel app already has the connection information for the remote database (tnsnames.ora entry is OK, we know the schema name and the password of the the remote database). The proper Profile configuration in Siebel has been setup. My question really is: in addition to that, is there a need to grant database privileges (SELECT) on the remote schema/objects to the local SIEBEL schema?

      Thanks for any help with that.

      Roque Daudt
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          Michal Roman
          Check you security adapter settings, if you are using LDAP, most probably you are not able to retrieve credentials of external DB from configuration.
          Also as far as I remember you need to define external datasource in you OM Component configuration.
          There are many factors that depends on you system configuration like what kind of authentication method are you using, are you using db links or specific external DB source....