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    Report using narrative to filter another report

      I am trying to build a report that will be embedded in the campaign object. I want the report to display the campaign recipients for the campaign record, using detailed inforamtion from the contact record.

      I have built a report that contains the relevant contact data that needs to be displayed.

      I have built a second report that will be embedded in the campaign record that has a column displaying the contact id of the campaign recipients. The report will have a filter for campaign id 'is prompted' but for testing I have hard coded a campaign id with a total of 469 campaign recipients.

      I have included a narrative in the layout. The report correctly displays, however the prompt does not seem to work. All contacts are included in the report, rather than the 469 contacts limited by the campaign ID filter.

      The narrative I have used is

      <iframe src=https://secure-ausomxxxx.crmondemand.com/OnDemand/user/analytics/saw.dll?Go&Path=%2fusers%2fanqa-djlqt%2fCampaign+Recipient+-ContactInfo&Options=&Action=Navigate&p0=1&p1=eq&p2=Contact.%22Contact+ID%22&p3=@1 frameborder =0 width="100%"></iframe>

      Rows to display is set to 1

      Earlier attempts I included a contact id is prompted filter on the report included in the narrative, however that brings back one value only. I can change the rows to display to 5 for example, however it gives me 5 contacts in separate reports rather than a list report.

      Any help would be great.
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          Hello Mel,

          My understanding is that you are trying to display the contact and their details for the particular campaign. Since these details are not available in the Campaign Subject Area you are using the narrative view.

          I would suggest you can use the Contact Subject area to populate the campaign id and campaign name along with the Contact details and embed this report in the Campaign page by prompting the Campaign Id.

          Let me know if this works else please explain the requirement once again and I would be able to help you.


          Paul Swarnapandian