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    Application Table Index not being created

      Since this is slightly different than my last post, I created a new one.

      I am using the example as a basis to complete the Bulk process from the Staging table to the Application table with the following code snippet:

      public void completeBulk(String completeBulkFlags) throws Exception {
      GraphOracleSem graph = null;
      try {
      graph = getModel().getGraph();
      try {
      } catch (SQLException e) {}
      graph.getBulkUpdateHandler().completeBulk(completeBulkFlags, null);
      finally {
      if (graph != null)

      It appears to be dropping the 'applicationTableIndex', however when the call 'rebuildApplicationTableIndex' the <MODEL_NAME>_IDX does not exist in the database.  And i'm not seeing errors anywhere alerting me that the index was not created.

      Since this index is not created, deletes on the model do not have an index to scan over the <MODEL_NAME>_TPL table and takes forever.  For the time being, we are creating this index manually.  However is there something that we are doing wrong using the Jena Adapter API?

      We are using the newest Jena Adapter and Database instance.