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    Booting T3-2 servers from downloaded Sol-11-1111 text installer media

      Hello, I have attempted to boot my new T3-2 servers from an ISO on a DVD. Each time I get an error stating that the file doesn't appear to be executable. This same DVD worked on a T3-1 server. My issue is that the compressed onboard install media that runs when you startup the drive isn't complete. I tried to create the IPS to update and install packages and rsync, pkgrepo, pkgrecv, among other commands, were not found. When I installed my T3-1's everything was there. Very frustrating, I tried connecting a USB DVD drive up but no joy, it still won't see it even after using the alias found with devalias. This was something I had to do with some older Sun hardware that wouldn't boot from the internal drives like this one.
      Any one have some information?
      I have googled and searched the Oracle docs but nothing.