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SQL Developer on Linux hangs when disconnecting after VPN reconnect

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I have a problem with using connections after general link failure (Cisco VPN disconnect in my case, lost of route to Oracle DB).
When I reconnect to a VPN and I'll try to disconnect from a previously opened (before general link failure) connection, I need
to wait more than 10 minutes to complete this process. SQL Developer is completely unusable during this time.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Connect to VPN
2. Open connection in SQL Developer to host accessible only by this VPN
3. Restart VPN
4. Try to do anything with this connection (disconnect, execute sql in opened SQL Worksheet, view tables, etc.)

This bug is not new in recent versions, I'm using SQL Developer from over 2 years and this bug was always with me. But if I remember correctly in earlier versions (<3.0) I couldn't reuse the connection to execute sql (hanging SQL Developer for more than 10 minutes) but disconnecting would succeed without a problem.
Maybe SQL Developer should move connection management to separate thread to resolve this issue... or is there another solution?

I'm using SQL Developer @ Linux 3.0.4
For VPN connectivity I use vpnc
When I restart VPN connection I'm loosing TUN interface and all routes.

I have tested this issue on a few versions of SQL Developer on Windows XP, including 3.1.07. There is no problem with disconnecting after vpn failure on Windows.

Maybe I should fill some bug report? When I can do such thing? Metalink?

Best regards,
Irek Slonina
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    Hi Irek,

    Possibly you can resolve this issue by altering the type of the connection that becomes non-responsive upon a VPN reconnect. What type are you currently using: Basic, TNS, etc?

    In this forum thread (for Windows, unfortunately, not Linux), although different from your case, the solution used Thick/OCI driver, not Thin/Basic:
    Windows 7 VPN

    I have no VPN client on Linux (much less vpnc), only Cisco AnyConnect on Win XP, so I cannot test your scenario.

    SQL Developer Team


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