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    UPK on ipad

      Has any viewed a UPK on an ipad? Does UPK work with ipad?

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          What’s New in Oracle User Productivity Kit 3.6.1?

          Apple Safari 5
          Apple Safari 5 browser is supported for Player deployments.
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            We've tested our UPK 11 output on an iPad and it seems to work when you have sound completely disabled and are using See It mode or Print It mode in PDF or HTML format. Modes that require user action can be a little funky because it's hard for the program to register mouse clicks/scrolls the same way on an iPad. Not sure about 3.6.1 - we were told iPad may work sometimes in the mobile device's browser, but it isn't officially supported on any mobile device - the Safari spec you noted has to be on a supported operating system like OSX.
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              With Version 3.6.1 As long as you have the sound (recorded in flash) turned off, it works fine on an iPad. It also works with sound on most popular android tablets including Nook, Kindle, and Pandigital SuperNova.