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    Sun One Asp 4.0.3

      Hi all,

      and thanks for this forum, I really hope I'll find a solution here. I have a linux server with Sun One Asp 4.0.2 and CentOS3 (Apache 2.0), perfectly working. My provider now forces me to move to CentOS5 and Apache 2.2, and I can't find a way to get Sun One Asp 4.0.3 (my 4.0.2 is not compatible with Apache 2.2).

      I looked everywhere on Oracle website, I only found the blog announcing the release of version 4.0.3 and the release log, but not any download:


      I see that many servers use it, can anyone help me to understand how I can get it? I have a fully licensed 4.0.2, but Oracle did not respond to my support emails, it seems they discontinued it (I can live with it) but also made very difficult to downlaod old versions.

      I'm desperate..any help will be very appreciated..my company shop will be taken down if I can't find the 4.0.3 and I need more time to migrate all code to a newer supported platform.

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          I found the following in Google dating back to Spring 2009:

          I've contacted Sun regarding this and they have told me that the download is no longer available as Active Server Pages 4.0.3 is now End Of Life

          This info won't help you, but might explain why you cannot download the software anymore. Your only chances are to contact Oracle or find a personal contact in some of the forums. For what it worth, Oracle categorizes ASP as following: Middleware > Application Servers > GlassFish Server > Sun Java System Active Server Pages (ASP)
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              Hi Dude,

              many thanks for your reply. Yes I found that info on Google but it strikes me why to put something offline even if not developed anymore or not supported anymore. The version 4.0.3 is dated 2008 so it's not that old and there are still lots of servers and code working on that system.
              And I'm just subscribed to this forum so I don't know who to contact also in terms of members...I don't understand why it seems there's the will to keep this thing 'secret' or not available...

              Anyone that can help with this? The 4.0.2 worked perfectly with Apache 2.0, smooth installation and configuration on a Centos3 vps..and now I have only this weekend to recreate all on a Centos5 vps and bring all the code as it is on Monday..without my bosses firing me :(
              Our stupid provider sent me a notice of upgrading just yesterday, without considering I was using specific software like Sun One Asp that will not work with apache 2.2...and no one offers now vps machines with Centos3 and Apache 2.0 for security problems.

              I think this forum is my last chance to find the installer...anyone from Oracle or from this forum that can find the installer? If the naming is the same between versions, the download should be called something like sjsasp403-linux.tar
              Maybe is now part of some other download from Oracle (iPlanet, Glassfish or something else?)...please if someone can help that would be greatly appreciated.
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                I'm trying contacting everyone I can about this..it's really hard to believe why someone should take out of download a product from 2008 even if EOL...usually downloads are kept online because there are still people around the globe who paid and use that technology, and maybe they need to reinstall the product.

                I really hope someone reading this maybe has the installer somewhere and can help me..it's something small that could save a company but it seems impossible for someone from Oracle to just check in their archives..I still hope someone will be able to help me out.
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                  You seem to be under the impression that these forums are a direct line to Oracle technical support. They are not.

                  These are user-to-user community forums. No one gets paid to monitor or to reply to postings. Forum participants are individuals from around the globe that happen to have an interest in this company's products and services. If an Oracle employee happens to participate in forum discussions they do so as an individual and not as a company representative.

                  Oracle is in business to make money. Their product stream is created to produce an income for the corporation and its investors (the shareholders of its stock). They are a company that has historically retired old products as quickly as they might be discontinued and does not keep old free archives of stuff.

                  You are welcome to use your service contract privileges to log a Support Request ticket on this issue. If you choose to do that then you WILL be contacting Oracle directly and will likely get an authoratative answer on the topic, as well as access to product resources that are not available to the general public.

                  Here is a link to get you started:
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                    I know I can contact Oracle, but I'm writing here because no reply so far from Oracle! Our provider on our old server provided Sun One Asp licensed because it was on a shared machine, now they are moving us on a VPS so I have to find and install myself a Sun One Asp 4.0.3!

                    And to contact Oracle you have to be their customer in a direct way, they ask for an Id or serial at the support page.

                    So I'm stuck...cannot contact them, no one can or wants to provide the file, I also told them I'm ready to sign a declaration taking all responsibility for the use, and to not share to anyone the binary. I just don't understand where is the 'loss' for Oracle on a product declared 'EOL'! It just makes no sense at all, they are not working on it or supporting it in any way, nor selling it anymore, they could just make it available in binary format as it is, as usually serious companies do.

                    This way they for sure not giving a good image of a modern company, or a company I'd ever choose for my needs. It strikes me that they cannot make it simple, providing their old products, or maybe making them even open source like lots of companies do. Would be much better for their image, considering they bought Sun and are now behind important things like MySql.

                    I just can't see where is the loss making the download available of something they are not selling or supporting anyway anymore..lots of people are looking for it and they would just get some good image back, and maybe one day I could buy something from them, this seems to me a better strategy..

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