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    precompile and Dynamic Link Library OCI.DLL

      Hello, I need some help from you.
      my configuration is xp 32bits, oracle db 32bits.
      I installed under my oracle_home the extension Oracle client precomp-nt- and I see in the subfolder sdk, the both files proc and procob. The system variable path is adapted also. Shutdown/Start is done.
      The application software I just installed requires an precompil operation (source pgm is cobol).
      In a dos box, I launch a cmd as c:>procob iname=XXX.pco ireclen=132 mode=ANSI

      and I get a error message: the procedure entry point kgesecl0 could not be located in the dynamic link library OCI.DLL

      I have no more ideas to solve the problem. I need some help from you. Txs in advance.
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          Wrong forum. This is for Instant Client, not the precompilers.

          Pro*C and Pro*Cobol discussions seem to belong in {forum:id=67}.

          One basic issue seem to be mixing releases in a single Home. It should not even be possible to install 11.2.0.x components to a 11.1.0.x Home.
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            Well seen but ... I don't see a procob compatible with 11.1.xx
            The only one I can find on oracle site is Oracle instantclient-precomp-win32- but without procob...
            And in the Oracle instantclient-precomp-win32-11.2, procob is there but no compatible with 11.1.
            Thanks for your help.

            problem is solved

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