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    Checking for Oracle XE service instance - Failed

      Hi All,

      I had Oracle 10g XE on my system on Win 7 OS. I was not able to access it as it was giving error, you do not have permissions to access.
      I was able to access it before but after running a anti virus utility for tunning pc I lost it.
      So I decided to install OracleXE 11 2 Win32, downloaded from OTN. Since I was not able to uninstall it I have removed it manually from drive,
      and registry, but its still showing in Programs and feature and in Services which I am not able to delete even though I have Administrative rights.

      Now when I am trying to Install OracleXE 11 2 Win32, its failing on "Checking for Oracle XE service instance" , please guide me what should I do now.

      Thanks in Advance.