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    Reapplying 12.1.3 Patch

      Hi Experts,

      We are on 12.1.3 upgrade steps.
      I applied the patch 9239090(Patch 12.1.3: ORACLE E-BUSINESS SUITE 12.1.3 RELEASE UPDATE PACK) and it ran for about 5 hours and then it asked on JAINMCEN.rdf as it is failed “Continue as if it were successful [No] :”. I put No and
      came out of adpatch. Then applied patch 9239095(Oracle E-Business Suite Online Help for 12.1.3 Release Update Pack) it went successful and when i tried to apply patch 9817770(POST-R12.ATG_PF.B.DELTA.3 CONSOLIDATED PATCH) it failed as we are not in the 12.1.3 ATG. Then we realized that, patch 9239090 is not completed and reran patch 9239090. It was checking all the steps already done and skipping the steps already done and continued from the steps pending and it run for 30 minutes and completed successfully. Then I applied patch 9239095 again and proceeded with patch 9817770 and it went well.

      I would like to know whether we are OK to proceed or need to go back to the snapshot before 9239090 and reapply it again.

      Do you guys have any such experience, any documents explain such a situation.

      Expectig your reply.