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    Registration of DPS instance fails

      When creating a new DPS instance, the registration fails under DSCC with the following exception: com.sun.directory.dcc.ads.ADSContextException.

      The instance is created using a non-priviledged user with basic and net_privaddr privileges.

      Has anyone come across this issue?

      Cheers, ARG
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          I don't know this error but it looks like a system privileges problem.
          If you try to create the DPS instance from the command line, may be you can try to use the debugging functionality of ppriv in your shell: ppriv -D $$
          It should help to determine what's the missing privilege, so that you can add it, at least temporarily. Use ppriv -N $$ then to disable debugging.
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            I deleted the instance and recreated with the same details. The DPS instance registration worked this time.

            Not sure what went wrong. The only difference is that the first time I added the net privilege after creating the instance.