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    Question about recovery mechanism

      I did an experiment about data recovery using "Load" command:
      I have two data sets:one is three key-values="1-11111,2-2222,4-44444" and another is "1-Big Data World!,2-Big Data World!,3-Big Data World!", the first one set is the data which the current node contains, and the second is backup data using "snapshot".
      When I run Load command on current node using data set 2, then the data current node contains is "1-11111,2-2222,4-44444,3-Big Data World!" and the feedback of this command is "Load succeeded, wrote 3 records".
      So can I comprehend this recovery mechanism is that it will "insert " the value which the key don't be contained in current and "update" the value if the the same key(update by data version), new version will be the final value ?
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          The Load utility is described in [this documentation|http://docs.oracle.com/cd/NOSQL/html/AdminGuide/recovery.html#usingload] .

          It says:

          This mechanism works by iterating through all records in a snapshot, putting each record into the target store as it proceeds through the snapshot. It should be used only to restore to a new, empty store. Do not use this with an existing store because it will only write records if they do not already exist.
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            I had read the reference, but I wanted to know the inner mechanism of Load?