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      I've installed Visual Studio 2010 and this is first time I'll be using it to for application development. Before VS2010, I've installed Oracle XE 10g which I've been using for quite some time. Since, VS2010 requires Oracle Development Tools, I've installed that too (version 11)

      However, when I go to Server Explorer, Add Connection, I get ORA-12560 TNS:protocol adapter error. All Oracle services are up and running. I can connect just fine through SQL*Plus or APEX interface. Is it because of different version between Oracle XE and ODT ?

      My OS is Windows 7. ODT is installed in D:\app, while XE is in D:\oraclexe.
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          Christian.Shay -Oracle
          You're probably not providing a connect alias and are trying to connect to a local database that is in a different home. You will need to use a connect alias to do this.

          If you don't have the alias set up, you can try copying it over from the <XE Home>/NETWORK/ADMIN/TNSNAMES.ORA over to the Developer tools home/Network/ADMIN

          Then choose the (probably "XE") alias from the drop down list when you connect in server explorer, or provide in the connect string when opening an OracleConnection object in code.