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    BPEL Human Workflow & Oracle Virtual Directory Integration

      Hi Everyone,

      I am integrating BPEL Human Workflow with Oracle Virtual Directory nowadays. I found that when I try to assign the human task to a group in my back-end database table: "groups" in Jdeveloper Human Task "Assignment" tag, I get an error message: " SEVERE: Error while invoking endpoint "http://host:port/integration/services/IdentityService/identity" from client
      ". And then I access human workflow identity service by http://host:port/integration/services/IdentityService/identity for testing, the "getUsers" Operation is normal, I could get the corret result from my backend database table: "users". But, "getGroups" Operation return me an error XML:

      <env:Envelope xmlns:env="http://schemas.xmlsoap.org/soap/envelope/">
      <identityServiceError xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/bpel/services/IdentityService">
      <faultInfo xmlns="http://xmlns.oracle.com/bpel/services/IdentityService">GUID not found</faultInfo>

      "GUID not found" ? My OVD Version is, the same to the SOA Suite.
      Could anybody give me some suggestions?
      Thank you!


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          Hi Everyone,

          A man named CARLOS SILVA in Portugal give me a solution. It works. I post his email message here for your reference. Welcome to contact me for further discussion.


          +*<Email Message from him>*+
          Hi Jesse,

          I'm assuming the Auth Provider is well configured as you can see users, groups and group membership on the Weblogic Console.

          If that is the case, please make sure Auth Provider is configured to provide a valid GUID attribute, as configured on the Authentication Provider:

          Assuming the Auth Provider is returning the attribute please make sure the mapping is configured on the jps-config.xml as follows:
          <!-- JPS WLS LDAP Identity Store Service Instance -->
          <serviceInstance name="idstore.ldap" provider="idstore.ldap.provider">
          <property name="idstore.config.provider" value="oracle.security.jps.wls.internal.idstore.WlsLdapIdStoreConfigProvider"/>
          <property name="CONNECTION_POOL_CLASS" value="oracle.security.idm.providers.stdldap.JNDIPool"/>
          *<property name="PROPERTY_ATTRIBUTE_MAPPING" value="GUID=orclguid"/>*

          You can set any attribute to be the GUID, like cn or whatever, you must however ensure that OVD is providing that attribute, for instance with a VirtualAttributePlugin.
          I've been involved in a Service Request where BPM/SOA Identity Service could not match user membership due to performing a case sensitive search on the username as far as group membership goes, the Service Request number is 3-3577436911, and the configuration is well explained there, feel free to take a look.
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            Hi ,

            I am also facing same issue. Couldn't able to fix it.

            I am not able to find SR in Oracle.

            Need your help.