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    Apply Error - ORA-00936

      I have several of these error messages a day. They appear in the .trc file as follows:

      PARSE ERROR #12:len=83 dep=1 uid=0 oct=7 lid=0 tim=1298603162899498 err=936
      DELETE /*+ restrict_all_ref_cons */ FROM "SATURN"."SSRRTST" WHERE and rownum < 2
      XCTEND rlbk=1, rd_only=0
      XCTEND rlbk=1, rd_only=1
      Streams : knalsptxn
      error 936 during error queue execution or user function.
      *** 2012-02-20 14:27:18.809
      ORA-00936: missing expression

      Basically there is a WHERE clause with no specified criteria. Has anyone seen this and know where to start to fix the problem?