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    kind parameter suffix is not valid

      Code like the following

      REAL :: a(m,n), b(n), c(m), temp

      !$omp parallel do default(none) &
      !$omp if (m > lbd_omp_matdim) &
      !$omp shared(m,n,a,b,c) private(i,j) &
      !$omp reduction(+:temp)

      DO i = 1, m
      temp = a(i,1) * b(1)
      DO j = 2, n
      temp = temp + a(i,j) * b(j)
      c(i) = temp
      END DO

      !$omp end parallel do

      does not compile with Sun Studio 12.3 generating the following strange message:

      "matvec2.f90", f90comp: ../src/messages.c:1370: print_buffered_messages Assertion `c_i_f == cif_actual_file' failed.
      f90: The kind parameter suffix is not valid on a double precision real constant form.

      But there is no kind conflict in the code! Also it compiles and runs with Gnu fortran producing correct results. Any suggestions please?