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    JMF and MP3 support (or adding any other plugin, problems)

      I am having trouble adding a plugin to the JMFRegistry. The default jmf wav plugin works, because I am able to play .wav files.

      This is what it all looks like:

      sudo java com.sun.media.codec.audio.mp3.JavaDecoder
      returns with "java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError" etc...

      Attempting to add it manually through the JMFRegistry, by filling in the codec field with "com.sun.media.codec.audio.mp3.JavaDecoder" doesn't work either, and reports the error: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException, in the terminal.

      I am using Kubuntu 11.10, if that matters.

      Any help would be appreciated, as getting audio and video to play are the only things holding back this project.