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    How many CAM for 3 Sun 6140 Arrays


      I have 3 Sun 6140 arrays, with 3 to 4 expansion arrays for each one.
      I used to have a CAM server for every controller array to monitor it in out-of-band, but now 2 of the CAM servers are out of use.

      It is mandatory to have a CAM server for an array ?
      Is it acceptable to have only 1 CAM server for the 3 arrays ? Is it necessary to have a standby cam server in a production environment ?
      I opened an SR to ask about the limitations for 1 CAM server ; Oracle support told me no limitations were indicated in the official documentation and that's all.

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          You not need have independed CAM for every array.
          It's general and good practics have one CAM for all supported arrays.
          It's make more easy administartion amd make one points of monitoring.

          Oracle do not recommend install two CAM for administrate one array.

          It's not problem instal/reinstalll new CAM with required version on new/same server in case probplem with original.

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            Hi Nik,

            Thank you for your answer. That's what I thought too, but I wanted to have other people's advices about it.