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    Upgrading from to with Oracle Workspace Manager

    Roel Hartman
      Our client has a (very old) database on Windows 2000
      This database (and other products – but that’s not the main concern right now) needs to be upgraded to in Windows2008R2 (64 bit).
      A complicating factor might be the use of Oracle Workspace Manager – a lot of tables are Workspace Managed.

      We can do it the long way, by upgrading it via,, -> Export and then, on the new environment, import on en subsequently upgrade it to and then 11.2 (and maybe some more patching afterwards).
      But that takes way too long (downtime).

      So would it be possible to do it the “easy way”:
      Full Database Export of, import it into a brand new empty and then upgrade Workspace Manager to 11.2 as well?
      Or should we upgrade OWM to 11.2 in the old environment - and is that possible at all?

      (FYI: Snippet from the OWM manuals : Workspace Manager supports the import and export of version-enabled tables in one of the following two ways: a full database import and export, and a workspace-level import and export through Workspace Manager procedures. No other export modes, such as schema, table, or partition level, are currently supported).

      (On purpose cross-posted in the "Workspace Manager" Forum : Upgrading from to with Oracle Workspace Manager