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        Sounds like a Dilbert Cartoon I have on my wall here!

        Hope things work out.

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          Right - problem solved.

          We had to go back to first, but essentially I ended up following Oracle's recommended way of doing this:


          Upgrade to and install patch 11724916

          - stop dataguard on both primary and standby. And by that I mean stopping DG from even running (alter system set dg_broker_start = false)

          - install software and patch* in new ORACLE_HOME locations on primary and standby. This is very important, as if you attempt to install the patch post-upgrade, you'll get heaps of ORA-00600 errors.

          - Mount the physical standby and enable MRP

          - Upgrade the primary db, then start it

          - Start DG

          - Open standby in read-only mode

          I had a few DG vs DB parameter mismatches (ORA-16714:) in both databases but that's easy to resolve. The tricky bit was making sure all the config is correct.

          Thanks everyone who responded (sensibly).

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            Shivananda Rao
            The solution/steps required were in front of you, provided if you would have gone through all the posts on this thread clearly by referring the documents mentioned ;)
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