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    Eclipse-jcop project building { create .cap file } problem??????????????

      hello all,

      I am using jcop tool plugin with eclipse and my atr is:-
      --Opening terminal
      /card -a a000000003000000 -c com.ibm.jc.CardManager
      --Waiting for card... ATR=3B E9 00 00 81 31 FE 45 4A 43 4F 50 34 31 56 32    ;....1.EJCOP41V2     32 A7                                              2.
      everything is fine with sample applet { it contain a empty process () or gives 90 00 for select applet apdu }

      I am using eclipse ide and jcop plugin, basically my problem is to building project when any changes occoured, initially when i start a new project with steps like:-
      1- java card project

      2-java applet

      3-package id

      4-applet id

      5-basic template of applet
      N- finish
      then when screen open, at the left side i saw cap file propery window ,and automatically there are cap file in bin folder.
      It means jcop tool used converter to make .cap file, but when i add some lines according to my requirment,
      I am unable to build it again or unable to get a new cap file. May be i need to set some build path , but first time it automatically build so it also indicate that there are no need to set the build path. I am confused in this area.
      Is i need to reference the path of converter.jar { jcdk 2.2.1 }? or jcop plugin also have the required jar for converting .class to .cap , inside it. how i rebuild it and make a new fresh .cap file.

      some jar file which i paste in plugin folder of eclipse are:-
      before i was using JCDE plugin for simulation process but here i did not use JCDE, I have only eclipse + jcop plugin

      I tried to tell you, what is my problem, If you still have any doubt , Let me know.

      Waiting for your reply and thanks for your time ............