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    sql srver datetime to oracle by sql developer

      Using the tool Sql Developer 3.1.07, try to migration an sql server 2008 database to oracle 11gR2. The tool failed at a few places. One point:

      sql server table:

      create table Table1 (
      [modificationDatetime] [datetime] NOT NULL,

      The tool generated Oracle script for the same table:

      create table Table1 (
      modificationDatetime DATE DEFAULT SYS_EXTRACT_UTC NOT NULL,

      The script actually does not work in oracle with the error:
      SQL Error: ORA-00984: column not allowed here
      00984. 00000 - "column not allowed here"

      Simplely replacing 'SYS_EXTRACT_UTC' with 'sysdate' works.

      Wondering if this is a bug of the tool.



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