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    Reading a fixed length file

      Hi All,

      I am trying to read a fixed length file with .DAT extension through an FTP Adapter. I am using a read(polling) operation.
      In the file there are three records(H,D,T). The length of all the three records is more than 100.When I am trying to build a schema for that file using native format builder, maximum position that i get is 100 and if i manually try to put the position beyond 100 say 120,while building the schema and then run the composite using the generated schema, the file is not polled from the location So if anyone could help me to clarify my doubts regarding reading of fixed length files.
      a. Can i read i fixed length file which contains records whose position is more than 100.
      b. If yes, then how do i do that?

      Any help is appreciated.
      Thanks in Advance.