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    OIC Commission Calculation


      We are implementing 11.5.10 Incentive Compensation.

      The business requirement for commissions is that there is a quota at product category level and a quota at product sub-category level for each salesrep.
      Only when product category level quota is achieved 100% then sub-category level is used and anything above the sub-category quota gets additional commission percentage.

      How can this be achieved in Oracle Incentive Compensation ?

      Thanks in Advance,
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          Men-Ching Luk-Oracle
          You can do this with interdependent plan elements where the subcategory commission plan element is dependent on the category commission plan element attainment. Depending on the number of subcategories, you can either check with a DECODE statement in the expression or use a rate table where one of the input expressions is the category attainment.

          The bigger question is why are you implementing 11.5.10 OIC in 2012?

          Regards, Men-Ching