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    Open source?

      Is this project open source, and how does this relate to other DTrace for Linux effort


      Is it independent, or collaborated with the above etc?
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          Why are you asking? According to the following links, Oracle Linux released a preview of DTrace.

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            We released a preview of DTrace which is made available to Oracle Linux support subscribers.
            Just asking about how it's organized. Is it open source or not? Subscribers might get a supported version, but it doesn't explain whether the source is available or not. What about the relation to the another DTrace for Linux project? (Totally independent or not, etc.). If it's open source, collaboration would make sense to avoid duplicating the effort.
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              The link doesn't seem to work anymore.

              But I remember seeing it before. If I remember correctly it was a private effort and only offered a limited number of Dtrace features or functions.
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                no, it's not related to Paul Fox work.
                The most recent sources will be available on the git repository here:
                in the two repos named linux-2.6-dtrace-modules-beta.git and linux-2.6-dtrace-unbreakable-beta.git. Right now those have the source for the previous beta release. We are working on updating those trees with the 0.2 release.
                In the meantime, you can get to the source RPMs here: http://oss.oracle.com/el6/Beta/SRPMS/
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                  That ftp site works for me now (a bit slowly though). Looking at release dates it's still active.
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                    Thanks for the clarification Elena!