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    Warnings in the Upgrade Log file for OBIEE 11G from 10G


      I am new to OBI 11g.

      I have installed simple type OBI 11g (version - on a single server(Windows 2003, RAM-4GB,CPU-2.8GHz Dual Core ). I used upgrade assistant to upgrade the RPD & Webcat from version to 11g, but I got about 50K warnings in the upgarde log file for the web catalog. They were basically 2 types as below -

      1. [2012-02-24T13:17:48.255-05:00] [BIEE] [WARNING] [] [upgrade.BIEE] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JMk1k3lDkZKcyToYpk1FHuer000005,0] Invalid columnID reference 'c10' in views!

      Does someone know this warning and if this requires a fix or it would not impact any reports or dashboards? This error is about 25K times in the upgrade log file.

      2. [2012-02-24T12:20:04.162-05:00] [BIEE] [WARNING] [] [upgrade.BIEE] [tid: 14] [ecid: 0000JMk1k3lDkZKcyToYpk1FHuer000005,0] Removed the following node from the element 'view': [[
      <saw:selector xmlns:saw="com.siebel.analytics.web/report/v1.1" columnID="c20" prompt="true"><saw:choice type="column" formula="&quot;- Year&quot;.&quot;MVSR Doses R12M&quot;"><saw:tableHeading><saw:caption><saw:text>Month</saw:text></saw:caption></saw:tableHeading><saw:columnHeading><saw:caption><saw:text>Doses</saw:text></saw:caption></saw:columnHeading></saw:choice><saw:choice type="column" formula="&quot;- Year&quot;.&quot;MVSR Doses YTD&quot;-&quot;- Year&quot;.&quot;MVSR Doses Prior YTD&quot;"><saw:tableHeading><saw:caption><saw:text>Year</saw:text></saw:caption></saw:tableHeading><saw:columnHeading><saw:caption><saw:text>YTD Dose Volume Change</saw:text></saw:caption></saw:columnHeading></saw:choice></saw:selector>

      I have checked this error on Oracle support web and it says that this warning is fine as there have been some features in 10G that would not be in the OBI 11G and are not required. I am still not convinced why there should be any warning for this type of issue.

      Please let me know if someone has faced these warnings in when doing the upgrade of the 10g RPD and Webcat to 11g together.

      Just as note, the services start fine and I could login to the application with users and see the dashboards and reports although I did not check all the dashboards and reports as this is a POC before doing the actual upgrade.

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