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    Script Output Differences


      I'm running a basic query from a Worksheet in SQL Developer 3.1.07. I run this query as a script and not as grid output. The format of the output I get back differs from what I would get in a previous version of the software. I notice now that all numerical fields are right-justified, where as before when I would run it they would output left-justified when running as a grid and left-justified when running as a script. I don't specify any special formatting options. I was and am using default setting within the software itself.

      Also I get a difference in the amount of hyphens that appear under the column heading.

      From 3.0:


      From 3.1:


      This is just one example of many. BATCH_ID in this case is declared as NUMBER(18)

      I will say that when I run the COLUMN command in the older version, I get the following:

      SQLPLUS Command Skipped: COLUMN: only "column .. new_value .." supported

      The 3.1 version, when I run this command, shows me all the COLUMN defined formatting options.

      Worksheet Interpreter issue perhaps?