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    /etc/oraInst.loc points to an Inventory that does not exist:

    Mohammed Abdul Muqeet
      Hi Experts,

      I am in process of doing a clone from one server to another server.

      Another server is a newly installed machine.

      while running the adcfgclone.pl appsTier I am getting the below error.

      can you please advise.

      Backing up /appltop/prodappl/admin/PROD_prod11i.xml to /appltop/prodappl/admin/PROD_prod11i.xml10.bak

      Creating the new APPL_TOP Context file from :

      The new APPL_TOP context file has been created :

      Log file located at /appltop/prodcomn/clone/bin/CloneContext_02250652.log

      Running Rapid Clone with command:
      perl /appltop/prodcomn/clone/bin/adclone.pl java=/appltop/prodcomn/clone/bin/../jre mode=apply stage=/appltop/prodcomn/clone/bin/.. component=appsTier method=CUSTOM appctxtg=/appltop/prodappl/admin/PROD_prod11i.xml showProgress contextValidated=true

      /etc/oraInst.loc points to an Inventory that does not exist:
      /etc/oraInventory inst_group=oinstall
      mkdir /etc/oraInventory inst_group=oinstall: Permission denied at /appltop/prodcomn/clone/bin/adclone.pl line 1320

      ERROR: Failed to execute /appltop/prodcomn/clone/bin/adclone.pl