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    Change in PO Shipment Org after approval

      Hi all,

      In our Client's scenario the PO Shipment Org is not confirm at the time of raising the PO and once the PO is raised, Approved and sent to the Supplier for a Shipment Org (e.g. WH1, which is an Inv Org) when the shipment is about to be received the Stores incharge decides that WH1 is full and cannot accomodate more items and asks the Supplier to deliver the goods to WH2 (which is a different Inv Org) at another location within the same city.

      the system does not allows the user to:
      a) Receive in WH2 because in the PO it is mentioned Shipment Org: WH1
      b) If the user changes the PO Shipment, the PO goes into a "REQUIRES RE-APPROVAL" which creates confusion for the Approver, because he thinks he has already approved the PO and why again this needs to be Re-Approved. To much frequence of such transaction also increases too much Approvals.

      Is there any Setup or Profile, which makes the PO Receiving flexible at any Orgs (within the same OU)?

      Purchaing, Inventory, Financials
      OU1 = WH1, WH2, WH3, WH4
      OU2 = GD1, GD2

      Thanks in Advance.

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          Sandeep Gandhi, Consultant
          You cannot change the PO shipment org after approval. You have to cancel the line and create a new one.
          You can consider
          1) A complex customization to the seeded po approval package to determine that a new line being added is really due to cancellation of an old ilne with a different inventory org. I highly recommend against this.
          2) Keep the receiving location as is or setup a dummy location that is used on PO. Inform the supplier of the correct location via some other means. And upon receipt, perform a inter-org transfer to the correct location from the incorrect/dummy location. I highly recommend against this too. It will cause a lot of headaches for missed transactions. And this will present incorrect picture to your planning systems/processes.
          3) Keep existing process. Ask the buyer to add a note when resubmitting the PO for approval. The note should say something like "resubmit due to location change".

          Sandeep Gandhi
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            We have a similar issue but our ship to locations are in the same Org. I noticed that you mentioned you can't change the PO Shipment org after approval. I dont want to change the org just the actual ship to location within the same org. I have been told i have to unreserve the funds and go through the re-approval process also. Is that a true statement or can we do something with the profile options...remember we are working in the same org...our organization only has 1 org in the system.

            thank you in advance for any advice,

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              Mandeep Kumar
              currently this functionalitybis not avilable. I belive there is an enhancement request and this feature will be avilable from 12.2 release.