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    Sun Convergence 2 SSO stuck Issue

      Is there anyone had such experience that implementing customized SSO module in Sun Convergence 2 logging method. Some users' web browser just can not SSO smoothly, sometime the sign on process stuck on about 20% java script loading, and after right click on mouse for page refresh, the scripts loading start over again and then the SSO finally success, but the client interface acting strangely, sometime it just pop up with illegal character or address book service not available message box. It seems that kernel.js or some other js files were not loaded completely. Did I miss something there? Sun Convergence 2 support web browser from IE6 to IE9, right? By the way, I also enabled the customization for our own logo. I am wondering if customization might be the cause for such prolem? I try to find out any clues from server, iwc log files, but there are nothing erorr messages there.