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    upgrading WLI 8.x to WLI 10.x application

    Rishi Aggarwal

      I have created one Application that has different projects like "SCHEMAS, Utility, and Web Project". Due to some Business requirements i have upgraded that application from 8.3 to 10.1.and now everything is messed up. even i have gone through some refference documents but still there are some pending issues. I have following issues :

      1) I am getting following errors after building the project. :-( dont know how to resolve them.
      i) The project was not built since its build path is incomplete. Cannot find the class file for com.bea.xml.XmlObject.
      ii) The type com.bea.xml.XmlObject cannot be resolved. It is indirectly referenced from required .class files

      2) I am not able to RUN the jpd (knowing that JPDs are no more supported in 10.x version). How can i run that process ?

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          Kalyan Pasupuleti-Oracle

          Once you upgrade your app from the wli 8.1 to wli 10.1 you need to go through the workshop utility which will help you upgrade correctly.

          let me know if you find any probs there.

          and also open a SR with oracle to guide to upgrade your app from older version to upgrade one.

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            Rishi Aggarwal
            Thanks for your reply.

            We are upgrading from WLI 8.1 to Oracle WLI 10.3 - We are facing problem when we are trying to Upgrade 8.1 JPD's to 10.3 and getting the following error -

            Failed to create upgrader instance for com.bea.wli.ide.upgrade.JPDDocumentUpgrade.

            We have installed patches which should have resolved the above ..but we are seeing the above error again. Can give us some pointers on where we might be going wrong , whether it is Patch activation issue or additional patches need to be applied ? The following are the patches we have applied -

            T4EH.jar;EB3S.jar;7SSV.jar;PS4V.jar;2P2M.jar;4DRC.jar,RT9X.jar using smart update software.

            Can you also share information whether we can achieve upgrade in alternative ways without using the JPDupgrader?

            Please do the needful
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              Rishi Aggarwal
              Hey Finally i got the answer :

              After applying tha patches using smart update, we have to activate those patches and that we can do via simple command

              goto : Command Prompt --> goto BEA directory
              for example in my case

              execute --> D:\bea10\workshop_10.3>workshop.exe -clean -intialize

              Hurry ! all your patches are now activated. All your JPD files are now JAVA files.

              patch required "EB3S".