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    How to create new approval hierarchy

      Dear Experts, I want to know if we can create a new approval hierarchy.

      I know that there is a existing seeded hierarchy. We create new process and it goes for review and finally it gets approved. But this would happen according to roles assigned to the users and that to for only two steps one is the reviewer and other is the approver, but i want that there be 2 reviewer and 3 approver, than how can i assign any further roles for the same process to be to be reviewed and approved by more people.

      1) Can we create new approval hierarchy.if yes then how?
      2) what will be there roles assigned to them?
      3) if it can be done by rules , than what is the scripts for the same.?
      4) If it can be done with perspective hierarchy then how to confirgure and what roles to assign?

      Please help me with the above problem.