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    Change Journal Default Per Page Value


      We are on HFM and I was just curious if it was possible to change the default "Per Page" value for the process journals page? Currently it is set to 50 and I would like to bump it all the way up to the max of 200. Any thoughts/assistance would be appreciated.

      Thank you,
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          While you're at it, if anyone could also tell me how to change that value for system messages, running tasks, etc. it would be most helpful.

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            With a little assistance from Oracle I received the below advice:

            For Journals:
            File “JournalsMain.asp” found in ..\products\Financial Management\web\HFM\Journals :

            Change code FROM:
            If nJournalsPerPage = 0 Then nJournalsPerPage = 50

            varalColumns = Session("JournalsDisplayColumns")

            Make it as below

            nJournalsPerPage = 200

            varalColumns = Session("JournalsDisplayColumns")

            IMPORTANT NOTE:

            The above mentioned changes should allow you to show per page view as 200 by default BUT it is not recommended to change the code.

            Basically what will happen is every time we get any PSE and or PSU or other version of the software if changes were made for the particular release that they are installing to these files they will lose their custom changes. Also if you make these changes and from some reason there is a problem with them we will not support that. You will have to go back to the original files i.e making 50.
            So you should back up the originals.