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    ORA-20001 During Import

      I have discovered that when I try to import an application while logged in to ApEx via the ApEx Listener, I consistently get error ORA-20001. When I need to import an application now, I log in via HTTP Server and my imports work every time.

      Hope this helps,
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          Hello Gregory,

          it would be helpful to know a little bit more about the several instances you've referenced: Database edition and version, APEX version, APEX Listener version (also the one you've exported from), JEE Container used to host APEX Listener, charset of the file you're trying to import.
          I don't have this issue when using valid application archives with the appropriate charset. However, if you import with a charset different then your export, e.g. you have a UTF-8 file and import it with some ISO charset or vice versa, strange things can happen...