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    JDeveloper certification question

    Matthew Carrigy

      In the published Certification Information for JDeveloper; [http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/index-091111.html], Oracle JDK 1.7 (32 and 64 bit) is supported as of
      However the default JDK that is shipped with is still jdk160_24 (JDK 1.6 update 24).

      Is there a specific reason for this?
      If there is a reason that is still using JDK 6, why is it not even an updated version (released with update 24, update 31 is available...)?
      If I were to change my install of to use JDK 7 are there any major considerations I need to take into account?


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          I am not getting your question.. the link says..
          For JDK 6, update 24 or later is recommended; for JDK 7, update 3 or later is recommended
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            Matthew Carrigy
            Okay I'll rephrase then...

            JDeveloper specifically brings support for JDK 7 update 3, so why doesn't it ship with this JDK?
            Is there a specific reason why it does not ship with JDK 7 update 3?

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              I guess the jdeveloper ships with the minimum supported version.
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                Matthew Carrigy
                Thanks for your reply.

                Your point of JDev shipping with the minimum supported JDK does makes sense.
                But that documentation you linked to only raises more questions doesn't it...?

                From the documentation you linked:
                "JDK 6 Update 27 is installed automatically when you use the platform-specific installer."
                When in fact, JDK 6 Update *24* was installed by the installer on my PC.
                Sourced from this location:

                The documentation also notes in numerous locations that you must have JDK 6 Update 27 or higher...
                "You must have JDK 6.0 Update 27 or later installed on your system."
                Yet it only installs update 24 during the installation.

                So the documentation is contradictory of the installation.
                I can conclude that, either;
                1. The documentation is wrong.
                2. The installation has been bundled with the wrong JDK.
                3. There are 2 different exe's floating around out there with different JDK versions bundled.

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                  there are two types of installer. generic and then platform..
                  for generic you need to have jdk 6.0 update 27 or later
                  for platform specific installer it comes with the bundled jdk 6.0 update 27.

                  Now in your case.. how did u install jdev is the question.. and which platform you are using..
                  have u used the generic or the platform installer.
                  To streamline your installation process, the JDK you wish to use with the product should be the one you use to start the installer program. In that case, be sure the desired JDK is the first one in your system PATH, or reference it explicitly on the command line.
                  so.. when you start your jdev for the first time it ask for the java.exe location.. which specified by the user..

                  To override this.. you can delete the 'SetJavaHome' property in jdev.conf file in jdeveloper/jdev/bin folder. and restart your jdev..
                  Now jdev will ask for the java.exe location where you can provide the correct jdk version.
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                    Matthew Carrigy
                    On a clean PC, using the platform-specific (windows) installer.

                    The documentation says: "JDK 6 Update 27 is installed automatically when you use the platform-specific installer."

                    However this is not true as it installs Update 24.
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                      with that.. your 2nd point makes sense.. lets wait for the views of Oracle Product Manager's on this..
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                        Matthew Carrigy
                        Yes agreed, thanks for your help Vinod.

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                          Frank Nimphius-Oracle

                          so what is the real problem ? The version of the JDK that is installed with JDeveloepr obviously was the one that got tested before release. So unless there is an issue that can be pointed back to the JDK you can assume the installer to be correct. As your thread started with why doesn't JDeveloper install with JDK 7 as the default, I assume you want to use JDK 7 anyway. I think we can shorten this discussion by agreeing that the product was tested as shipped. If you want to stay with JDK 6 but want to install with the version mentioned in the document, download the generic JAR installer (which I usually do) and point the installer to your JDK version. This then solves the problem for you. If you like to file a bug on the certification document, please go ahead.

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                            Matthew Carrigy
                            Hi Frank,

                            I guess the only problem was confusion due to the documentation advising Update 27 was required, but the platform-specific installer is installing Update 24 instead.
                            I have no problems updating the JDK myself, and as you said I will most likely have our team move to 1.7.0_3 anyhow.

                            I will likely file a documentation bug and put this issue to rest, thanks for your response.

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                              It appears that Matthew wants to know whether he should be using JDK 1.6 update 24 <b>OR</b> update 27, with
                              I find it odd that the documentation states update 27 but the product is shipped with update 24 - I don't believe that when deploying production level applications, anyone should be making assumptions over whether the installer is correct. Certification documentation should deemed as factual and true, however there appears to be confusion here.

                              If there is a problem with the certification, and you are now aware of it, I don't feel that Matthew should be the one to lodge the bug.

                              Just my 2c.